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Order Process

Ordering Process

To increase the speed of your production time, please follow the print job process.

Step 1. Place Order
Select from one of our many options of high quality print products. For more information on each product, please view the product details.
Step 2. Upload Files
Once you have selected from one of our many great products, prepare your file for upload. Please ensure your file meets our press guidelines to avoid delays on your print order. For more information on file upload guidelines please refer to File Upload Guidelines in our FAQ page.
Step 3. Proof Approval
Once you have submitted your order and uploaded your file, normally within 24-48 hours you will receive a PDF proof of your uploaded file(s) for approval to print. If there is any error on your file, your file will be returned with error notes on the corrections required. With your approval on the correct file, your file will be put on pre-press for the next print run. At this point, no cancellation or changes can be made.
Step 4. Printing
After your file(s) has been prepared on pre-press, it is streamlined for printing. This will ensure the fastest production time. All print jobs require a minimum 7-10 business days turnaround time and must meet the cut-off time. The cut-off time is next business day at 12:00 pm PST. 
Step 5. Quality Control
Once your print job has been completed, it goes through an extensive Quality Control to ensure you receive the finest print. No print job leaves Java Jitter Print Inc. without going through our Quality Control team. If the output does not meet the print standards at Java Jitter Print, it will go into reprint as a high priority and you will be notified immediately.
Step 6. Packaging/Shipping
The instant our Quality Control team stamps their approval, your print job will then be scanned and sent for packaging and shipped the next day. Shipping Turnaround Time of all orders will be declared as UPS Standard shipping time. Time and cost are subject to destination. However, unless agreed upon by selecting other UPS shipping rates, your order be shipped in the time frame granted by the customer. For more details on other shipping rates, please refer to Shipping Turnaround Time in our FAQ page. For your convenience we have outlined the basic Shipping Turnaround Time within the Resource page.